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 Our  Vision 

Our work is designed to give you the tools for radical transformation through sacred ritual and embodiment work. We bring you Goddess Alchemy and Women’s Circle power in a safe container where you can be vulnerable and dive deep into your inner wisdom. So you can feel the strength to rise and step up into your full power.

Release Your Mind

Take a pause from everyday life,

and allow yourself  to be fully present in the here and now, with care

and love.

Connect to Your Soul

Remember this deep sensation of connection, wholeness, lightness, fulfillment, abundance and love? This is the home of your soul.

Nourish Your Body

Bring back to your life healthy practices of reconnection to your body! Learn to read your bodies' messages and step into your full power.


Open Your Heart

Be YOU-tiful. Be POWER-ful. Rise UP! SPOIL Yourself! YOU deserve it! DIVE into LOVE! INDULGE yourself in NATURE, BEAUTY and BEING!


Need  to reconnect ?

With Yourself, Your Heart, Your Soul, Your Body and to Nature?

Then this retreat is for you!

We invite you to for a  6-day break in deep nature immersion to rediscover, nourish and let go. To enjoy ceremonies, workshops and self-care practices! Getting to know your body and cycles.

Be aware of the past, let go and heal.

Create future pathways and deep dive into your femininity and full potential!


Be reminded of your strength, resources and tools. Overcoming limiting beliefs holding you back. Preventing you from shining with all your female brilliance! 


Our physical body will also enjoy delicious vegetarian food. Our chefs cook in harmony with the elements of nature and the processes of each day, to comfort body and soul.


Join us on this transformative journey.

You deserve this time to yourself!


Our aim is to empower women to fully connect to their bodies and inner wisdom. We want every woman in this retreat to be deeply nourished on body, heart and soul level. To rise up. To step into their full power. To take responsibility and create the life of their dreams! To be the goddess, the wise woman, the creator, the inspirer, the joy, the power, they ought to be.

For whom?

This retreat is for every woman who:

.want a change!"

.want to find their mission or purpose.

.do all for everyone, but not enough for themselves!

.want to live their full potential!

.seek a deeper connection to their female essence and cycle, to other women and to nature.

.need a “time-out” from everyday life! 

Three Women_edited_edited.png

In this retreat you'll enjoy...


. Ceremonies & rituals

. Women circle magic

. Dance and movement

. Personal self-care practices

. Meditations & guided journeys

. Hypno-healing

. Emotional release tools

. Transformative workshops

. Self-exploration & healing

. Menstrual Cycle Awareness

. Supportive sisterhood

.Cacao Ceremony

. Delicious vegetarian food

. Time for yourself 

" It was not just a women retreat – it was a coming home. It felt like being reborn – a magical new beginning! "


Raquel Medeiros

In a few words...

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