Our Vision 

We envision empowering you to fully connect to your body and inner wisdom. This retreat will deeply nourish your body, heart and soul! To gain the strength to rise up, to step into your full power, to take responsibility for yourself and to create the life of your dreams! - going hand in hand with creating change in your relationship, your family, community or at work - from a peaceful, loving, female point of wisdom. 

We aim a stopping female victimhood and playing "small", awakening the goddess, the wise woman, and the healer you truly ought to be.

Release Your Mind

Take a pause from everyday life and give yourself time to put all clutter aside! We help to remind you of your full presence in the here and now, with care and love.

Connect  to Your Soul

Remember this deep sensation of connection, wholeness, lightness, fulfilment, abundance and deep love? This is the home of your soul. Make it yours and bring MAGIC to your life!

Nourish Your Body

Bring back to your life healthy practices of reconnection to your body! Learn to read your bodies' messages and step into

your full power.


Open Your Heart

Be YOU-tiful. Be POWER-ful. Rise UP! SPOIL Yourself! YOU deserve it! DIVE into LOVE! INDULGE yourself in NATURE, BEAUTY and BEING!

Now is the Time

* You need a new start in your life?

* You want to experience yourself a-new and get in  touch with your essence and true femininity? 

* You are yearning for a deep connection with nature and a  wellness programme for body, heart and soul?

* You do not want to play small, be the “good girl” or pleaser  anymore, but live your wild womanhood?

* You want to let go of fears, old patterns and blocks in your life?

* You are yearning for a peaceful and strong connection to yourself, as well as to your family and ancestors?

* You want to activate your genuine creation force and live your female wisdom to the full?

* You want to enjoy being surrounded by wonderful women who strengthen, inspire, hold and support you?

* You are craving for change in your relationship / your family / your community / at work?

* You want to enjoy some relaxation time in wild, untouched, magical nature?


…then take action and STEP into your power by joining our Women's Essence & Nature Retreat! 

Derramando Areia